Hey There!

Thank you for taking time out of you day to read my blog. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kisha and I’m from Oakland, Ca. I went to several different colleges after graduating from high school, but eventually I obtained a BA degree in Strategic Management from Dominican University of San Rafael. Then I attended Holy Names University where I received my teaching credential, and MA degree in Education with an emphasis in Urban Education. Now I’m an educator at an elementary school teaching students with special needs. I also have a son who’s 21 now (whew time flies), and I’ll be half a century old in 7 years (you get brownie points if you figured out my age). During my free time I like hiking, walking, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family, and I absolutely love learning about new technology.

Okay, now that the formal mumbo jumbo is out the way let’s get to why you visited my blog. You wanna know how/why I became vegan right? Well, like many of you reading this today there was something very important motivating me to take the plunge into the health world. 

What was it? My skin!

I had terrible hormonal acne well into my adult life, and I couldn't find any product that would stop my breakouts. Until one day late at night I discovered Kevin Trudeau on an infomercial. He was talking about his book called Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About. I had seen his infomercial several times before, but this time I decided to actually pay attention to what he was saying. As I listened I heard him talk about healing diseases with simple natural remedies. Then I thought to myself, "if natural remedies could cure diseases then surely it could help heal my acne"!

So, the next day I headed to Barnes & Noble and bought his book. To say the least, reading his book helped change the trajectory of my life, and I've been on a health journey ever since. Over 18 years to be exact. In the last 5 of those 18 years I stopped eating meat and dairy products entirely; then I switched to eating nothing but plant-based foods. And honestly making that switch has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Currently, I’m a huge proponent of the vegan lifestyle and I’m on a mission to clear all the emotional & physical clutter out of my life. Plus, I’m an aspiring minimalist and I aim to live a zero waste lifestyle as well.

that’s it!

Thank you so much for reading until the end, but before you go don't forget to subscribe to my blog so that you and I can become health besties. Trust me it's more fun when you have friends on a health journey with you. Sound good? Then make sure you subscribe below. You'll be happy you did...promise 🙂.